Homecoming & Company

About us

Homecoming & Company is our future. It’s our family. It’s our community. It is all things food. It’s where we go from here. Today it encompasses Homecoming Cafe,  Homecoming Sideshow Food Truck, Catering, Special Events, and the business brand as a whole. We are a women-owned and operated business! 

Tomorrow it is the ways we decide to express ourselves through food and through our businesses. To staying true to our mission to create and unite community through food and food ways.


Homecoming Sideshow was born in the midst of the 2020 pandemic with the goal of bringing food to our customers and community via a Mobile Kitchen. Edgy, unique, eccentric, out of the box, and packed with flavors of the world Sideshow is named as a homage to the Circus that is the restaurant business. At Sideshow you will not find the same menu items that you can get at Homecoming Cafe. However the same standards apply; homemade from scratch, seasonal, locally and ethically sourced meats & produce.

You will find irreverent and playfully named menu items on the handwritten chalkboard menu such as "Gator Belts", our Patty Melt named from an Outkast song lyric... "Side Chic", our version of a Bahn Mi made with Vietnamese Grilled Chicken... and the "Ben", our take on a Ruben with our House Smoked Grassfed Beef Brisket, Homemade Krauts, and varying sauces. The menu changes often and keeps our customers on their toes. Following on Facebook or Instagram is a must to keep up with the weekly schedule and most current menu.